RMIT’s next strategy will be the synthesis of our community’s unique views and perspectives, co-creating our goals and objectives for the future.

As well as the events of 2020 significantly shifting the way RMIT operates, it has also impacted our approach to developing our new strategy, known as RMIT NEXT, in 2021.

Despite the timing of the final strategy release being altered (due to COVID-19 and 2020), we are now at an exciting and pivotal point in the strategy development process.

Based on your feedback throughout 2020 on areas including Learning and Teaching, Diversity, Inclusion and Access, Research and Innovation and more – a number of themes emerged as potential directions that will shape the final strategy and where we are heading as a university.

These shared directions will be based on themes including LifeLong Learning, Digital and Hybrid and Impact-Driven Research – and will be released in July for your input and consultation (watch this space)

Need a refresher on the original 10 topics? Each of the areas explored a wide range of topics and ideas important to us at RMIT. They provided inspiration and opportunities for us all to share our perspectives, experiences, and ambitions — and inform our University’s future direction, including things like learning and teaching, sustainability, research and more.

You can check them all out here.

So, what happens now?

The emerging themes mentioned above will be featured as a Directions Paper that will be shared in July; a paper that will outline the directions RMIT will follow through 2022 and beyond.

As shared priorities for the future, RMIT’s directions will be used to inform our actions and realise new opportunities as we work to fulfil our purpose and meet the changing needs of the communities that we serve.

Until the final directions are developed (based on feedback on these themes above) and released in July (not long now!) you can keep engaging with the NEXT strategy process, because it’s what our global community tells us that will shape the final strategic plan for our University.

Take this opportunity to share what you think RMIT should prioritise as we journey further into the future and what actions we should take to bring these goals and ambitions to life.

Getting involved is super easy, head straight to the Conversations page and share your thoughts!

And stay tuned for more details on the community-wide launch of the directions, face-to-face and streamed live to our global locations.

Together, we will build a brighter, stronger future and continue to thrive.

#NEXT is now