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Place and Community Framework

RMIT’s locations

From its core campus in Melbourne RMIT has incrementally expanded its operations to create a network of locations: first across Melbourne, and then internationally, commencing in 2000 through our initial investment in Vietnam and the more recent establishment of RMIT Europe from our hub in Barcelona in 2013 (see Figure 4). This expansion has served to reframe RMIT as a multi-campus university.

Unlike our counterparts with a regional or interstate presence, we have forged a model that serves to connect our core campus and civic base in Melbourne to our metro Melbourne and international locations. As a consequence, over the last three decades a unique network of locations has emerged, drawing on the strengths, diversity and specialisms of our Melbourne sites, and enabling a network of international links to evolve. Today, RMIT operates in nine sites, with a further five places under consideration for the potential they offer to further advance our institutional strategy and impact.

Table 4: RMIT’s Locations

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