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RMIT's Community insights:

6. An interconnected global and urban ecosystem

Direction 6 recap:

Our approach to driving smart, sustainable and inclusive development across Asia-Pacific
and beyond, and enriching the economic, cultural and social life of the regional and urban
centres where we operate. How this is reflected in our footprint, missions and impact across everything we do.

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How we got here

During the latest Directions consultation phase from July to September, you shared your valuable input on six Directions through online and leader-led discussions, workshops, forums and written submissions. 

We heard from our community in RMIT  Melbourne, Europe, Vietnam and all across the globe, including students, staff, academics, researchers, alumni and industry partners on the ambitions, priorities and values that RMIT should pursue as we journey towards 2022 and beyond.

Community Insights for Direction 6

The RMIT NEXT conversation has been led and shaped together through our global network and has explored opportunities that emerged from this incredibly challenging period for the future.

Here are the key insights from your community input:

Empower global citizens

Empowering RMIT learners as agents​ of change, with global mindsets and cultural intelligence, who are passionate about a more sustainable future across their lives and careers.

Place-based impact

Growing and better connecting RMIT’s distinct ecosystem of embedded global locations and partnerships to break down borders and connect innovative skills, technology and communities.

University of global experiences

RMIT’s global locations are integrated to enable international opportunities for student participation and staff career development across Australia, Asia, Europe and beyond.

Drive sustainable global growth

Pursuing strategic opportunities across Asia and the globe to drive impact and build sustainable, inclusive communities through research and education.

Key messages from you input


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What do these Directions mean to you?

July 19, 2021

Recent Comments

I'm wondering if it might be worth some emphasis on the T in RMIT?

Gerard R.

29 Sep, 2021

How could these Directions apply to you and your work?

July 16, 2021

Recent Comments

We need to find ways to better work across organisational structures. There should not be a combative or defensive feel when colleagues from a college reach out...

Community Member

5 Oct, 2021

How can a global university drive impact in a rapidly changing world?

April 12, 2021

Recent Comments

To keep on driving impact in a rapidly changing world RMIT's six great values should be preserved, fostered, and adapted.

Minh D.

27 Apr, 2021

5 for 5: What are you 5 ambitions for RMIT’s NEXT 5 years?

March 3, 2021

Recent Comments

My top 5, are below. As a meta-comment, I strongly see RMIT's potentially being the Georgia Tech of Australia. I am using GT as an example as they have gre...

Fabio Z.

6 May, 2021

Contributing to RMIT’s Global Strategy

December 4, 2020

Recent Comments

We can collect the sharing and feedback from our returnees besides running a mass survey with all students across the campuses.

Nhan H.

4 Dec, 2020

Future Cities and Global Reach — NEXT Forum: Sustainability

September 22, 2020

Recent Comments

RMIT clearly has deep and sophisticated expertise on sustainable cities and how contemporary challenges might be addressed. Just as important as the expertise i...

Bruce W.

8 Oct, 2020

What are the global opportunities for RMIT over the next 5 years?​

August 3, 2020

Recent Comments

As competition for INTON intensifies and possible geopolitical developments disrupt international student and research mobility, existing and developing offshor...

Chamath P.

21 Aug, 2020

As the world around us changes, how does our role as a university also need to evolve?

May 1, 2020

Recent Comments

RMIT's origins as a working men's college was designed to create opportunity for a growing city. Our ability to create partnerships that support and e...

Maddie B.

4 Jun, 2020

As we continue to adapt during COVID-19, what insights and innovations should we take into our future?

May 1, 2020

Recent Comments

This year has been challenging but I think what's come out of it for RMIT is more of a shared understanding of our collective priorities and what we should...

Community Member

12 Oct, 2020

Community Conversation

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