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RMIT's Community insights:

Cross-cutting Community Insights

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How we got here

During the latest Directions consultation phase from July to September, you shared your valuable input on six Directions through online and leader-led discussions, workshops, forums and written submissions. 

We heard from our community in RMIT  Melbourne, Europe, Vietnam and all across the globe, including students, staff, academics, researchers, alumni and industry partners on the ambitions, priorities and values that RMIT should pursue as we journey towards 2022 and beyond.

Commonly shared community ambitions

As leader-led conversations and activities with RMIT’s global community progressed across the ongoing strategy development process, there were many recurring ideas and aspirations that emerged across the six Directions.

For example, there was a strong recognition of the need to protect our natural environment and address our climate reality head-on and a shared vision for RMIT to be sustainable, impactful and to provide opportunity and expertise where it is most needed.

What came through clearly from students is they want to shape a better society, and they want to start now. Our academics and researchers highlighted a growing demand for sustainable, innovative economic development that creates new opportunities through a collaborative ecosystem of education, research and community partnership.

Read more cross-cutting insights below.

Empowering Ethical Global Citizens

RMIT learners are passionate about creating a better world, through ethical research, innovation, lifelong learning opportunities connected to and shaped with industry, and the application of technology for positive, sustainable change. Learners graduate with agency and understanding of their contributions beyond RMIT. 

Embedded Places of Innovation

Unique value in our places being embedded in the urban fabric of vibrant, creative and innovative centres across the world. 

RMIT is a living lab, piloting ground breaking innovations, and actively shaping thriving innovation precincts that will become vehicles for growth and platforms that bring together skills, technology and community.

RMIT’s approach to impact is embedded in and enabled by how we use and transform our spaces and locations.

Continuing to Shape Global Inclusive, Sustainable Communities & Cities

Our community prioritises:

  • Shaping the future workforce and education sector built to enable diverse learners to thrive, supporting COVID recovery, using technology and enterprise to create wellbeing and inclusive growth
  • Climate action & sustainable development of our cities and communities
  • Social innovation, designing inclusive social and economic systems
  • Widening access to education, opportunities and pathways to learners regardless of their background. 

A Network of  Opportunities for Individual Needs

The breadth of opportunities RMIT can provide through our global, multi-sector, and multi-disciplinary offering, enabling access to a range of networked experiences and lifelong learning pathways, that can be combined to suit unique and diverse needs and goals.

RMIT’s hybrid platforms connect our learners, people and community on country and virtually, enabling access to opportunities and experiences that are flexible, interactive and global.  Our inclusive, progressive employment and leadership practices strengthen this approach.

A Signature Approach: Connection, Collaboration & Impact through our ecosystem

RMIT is known for a distinct, collaborative approach to co-creating impact, actively connecting our ecosystems, and brokering partnerships and knowledge across industry, community and government, towards common goals. 

RMIT’s teaching, research and industry nexus advances industry, our communities and individual outcomes in parallel, by sharing new knowledge, through applied and systems innovation, and our work ready graduates.

RMIT is distinguished by our capability to respond, adapt and deliver solutions at speed and scale to the needs of our community and partners, underpinned by AI and use of technology.

Digital Technology: Innovating with Purpose

RMIT is a leader in digital innovation and thought leadership, supporting the ethical discovery, development and governance of technologies that enhance community wellbeing and enterprise.  RMIT purposefully uses technology to deliver exceptional applied learning experiences, leveraging state-of-the-art and industry grade technologies, to enhance our research and prepare our graduates for their future roles in industry.

RMIT will transform into an insights-driven organisation, delivering personalised experiences and helping our people and learners to connect across our global network, through more integrated, simplified and AI powered systems.

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