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RMIT's Community insights:

5. Research and Innovation: An Impact-driven approach

Direction 5 recap:

Generating excellent research, applied innovation and impact, consistent with RMIT’s mission, strengths and reputation. Developing and empowering talented researchers to work collaboratively through innovation ecosystems and networks.

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How we got here

During the latest Directions consultation phase from July to September, you shared your valuable input on six Directions through online and leader-led discussions, workshops, forums and written submissions. 

We heard from our community in RMIT  Melbourne, Europe, Vietnam and all across the globe, including students, staff, academics, researchers, alumni and industry partners on the ambitions, priorities and values that RMIT should pursue as we journey towards 2022 and beyond.

Community insights

The RMIT NEXT conversation has been led and shaped together through our global network and has explored opportunities that emerged from this incredibly challenging period for the future.

Here are the key insights from your community input:

Cutting edge research, innovation, and thought leadership

RMIT will be an innovation leader, leading the way in key domains across technology, design and enterprise, building and growing innovation ecosystems aligned with our presence, strengths and strategic priorities. ​

Be bold, open, transparent and collaborative

RMIT will drive positive impact through genuinely listening to and working with partners to and co-create solutions to shared challenges and achieve impact at scale.

Recognise diverse knowledge systems

Elevate and include diverse perspectives, contributions, knowledge systems, ideas and research equity, including Indigenous knowledge ​and research. Ethical research and integrity will be core to RMIT’s culture and pursuit of impact​.

Ethical research and integrity will be the core to RMIT’s culture and pursuit of impact​

RMIT should drive a bold research strategy ​focused on excellence in discovery, translation and the ethical, trans-disciplinary application of research knowledge to ​create valuable outcomes in the ​ economy and society.

key messages from your input

Community insights: Research & Innovation

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RMIT’s NEXT Strategy

September 14, 2021

Recent Comments

I will study Communication beside as I want to convince and impress audience

Hoa D.

14 Sep, 2021

RMIT’S NEXT Strategy – What’s Possible

August 16, 2021

Recent Comments

I was so bored in classes and during workshops. Is it all my responsibility to shift my mindset? How much responsibility goes into training staff on designing t...

Emeli P.

16 Aug, 2021

What do these Directions mean to you?

July 19, 2021

Recent Comments

I'm wondering if it might be worth some emphasis on the T in RMIT?

Gerard R.

29 Sep, 2021

How could these Directions apply to you and your work?

July 16, 2021

Recent Comments

We need to find ways to better work across organisational structures. There should not be a combative or defensive feel when colleagues from a college reach out...

Community Member

5 Oct, 2021

5 for 5: What are you 5 ambitions for RMIT’s NEXT 5 years?

March 3, 2021

Recent Comments

My top 5, are below. As a meta-comment, I strongly see RMIT's potentially being the Georgia Tech of Australia. I am using GT as an example as they have gre...

Fabio Z.

6 May, 2021

Research & Innovation: An Impact-Driven Approach

March 1, 2021

Recent Comments

Promote the value of doing meaningful, impacting research. Areas of research that bring in funding should be prioritised. This means that disciplines which hav...

Tehmina K.

23 Mar, 2021

Impact Ecosystems: Workforce & Skills Innovation

November 19, 2020

Recent Comments

Lastly a common barrier is 'politics' either between organisations, between departments, between government bodies. All this really does get in the wa...

Shefton P.

19 Nov, 2020

What does the future of research look like beyond COVID-19 and towards  2025?

July 20, 2020

Recent Comments

The future of research is highly uncertain post-COVID. It is likely that societies and economies will undergo marked periods of complex change with a high level...

Jago D.

2 Sep, 2020

As we continue to adapt during COVID-19, what insights and innovations should we take into our future?

May 1, 2020

Recent Comments

This year has been challenging but I think what's come out of it for RMIT is more of a shared understanding of our collective priorities and what we should...

Community Member

12 Oct, 2020

Community Conversation

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