At RMIT, we have an opportunity to inspire minds, and scale the change necessary to create a sustainable world.

Our world is in crisis – progress made in human outcomes and international ‘development’ has come at an immense cost to the natural environments that sustain us, and the social and economic equality of outcomes within, as well a between, nations. Faced with a series of ‘Grand Challenges’, it is now an imperative for our global community to work together to correct the negative impacts of unsustainable development on our communities, our natural environment and ecosystems.

Read on to explore the Sustainability theme, as we investigate what it might mean for RMIT to be part of the transformation to a sustainable world: to reform the systems we live by, and investing in sustainable and regenerative practises necessary to create a sustainable world.


Analysis and thought-leadership from around the world, and important questions for us to consider

Worldwide perspectives and ideas How might RMIT best adapt and integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our work to contribute to transformative, sustained change in our world? What aspects of sustainable development should we prioritise, and what is best left to others? In what ways can we help to build knowledgeable, ethics and sustainability focused communities through education and partnerships? How do we ensure that a commitment to sustainability is embedded across every level of decision making in our organisation? In a time of increasingly limited sources of public funding and pressure on our own resources, how can we invest to maximise our contribution to a sustainable future? How can we go further and deeper in remodelling ourselves as a sustainable, long-term anchor for economic and community life in the locations where we operate? How can we work with others to achieve the transformational changes needed for a sustainable future?

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