Located in the heart of city centres around the world, RMIT is at the doorstep of urbanisation and the challenges it presents

As much of this year for so many of us have been spent in our homes, away from our peers and colleagues, now more than ever we reflect and appreciate the value of place, and being on place. Places, and the configuration of urban environments, are instrumental to shaping our connection to community, our ability to exchange knowledge, opportunities for collaboration and accidental interactions of potential value.

Located in the heart of city centres around the world, RMIT is at the doorstep of urbanisation and the series of challenges it creates for our cities in the face of environmental crisis, population growth and economic uncertainty.

Similarly, the transition to digital ways of working is set to disrupt the ways we use our campus and classrooms, as we simultaneously seek spaces that facilitate multi-disciplinary, multi-partner collaborations and cross-sector collaborations to find solutions to shared problems.

What is the role of place in creating connections, value and impact? Read on to explore the Space and Place theme and discuss how we can recombine and reconfigure our places in ways that are adaptive to the needs of many users, are environmentally sustainable, and contribute to the development of smarter, innovative and inclusive cities.


Analysis and thought-leadership from around the world, and important questions for us to consider

Worldwide perspectives and ideas • Should we take a greater position and role in informing and influencing urban development and innovation? • Should we specialise in educating learners to thrive and seize opportunities in a smart city environment? • How do we transform our spaces into be flexible and adaptive to the needs of various users, and multiply opportunities for collaboration? • How could we use our locations and spaces to strengthen a sense of identity and belonging to our disciplines, our communities, and the ecosystems that are home to us?

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