How is the research and innovation ecosystem evolving, and what is our role in reshaping it?

We are not new to the idea that the future will force us to respond and adapt to rapid, extensive and disruptive changes impacting our global communities. Research is fundamental to finding solutions to these complex challenges. Our role in inquiring, generating knowledge and finding ways to translate research into positive impact that enhances lives and societies won’t change, but how we understand ‘impact’ and the ways we achieve it might look and feel different into the future.

Join us in a conversation about the future of research into 2025 and beyond. Let’s explore how the changing world challenges our understanding of research excellence, redefines our approach to impact, and shapes our contribution to creating a better world as we partner with industry and work across disciplines.


Analysis and thought-leadership from around the world, and important questions for us to consider

Worldwide perspectives and ideas • How do we evolve our research and innovation ecosystem in ways that enable RMIT to succeed amidst increasing disruption? • How do we deepen our relationships with partners, to co-create, translate and scale impact in our communities? • How do we define, measure and recognise truly impactful research? • How can we multiply opportunities for skill, development and specialisation in research careers and pathways? • How do we elevate platforms that create opportunities for transdisciplinary collaboration, sharing knowledge and best practise across colleges? • How might we promote and integrate non-Western knowledge systems in our academic endeavours, in both how we conduct and apply our research?

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