Digital disruption – threat or promise?

Technological disruption is reshaping the world we live in – changing our expectations of what is normal and what is possible. As our environments become increasingly digitally integrated, connected, and data-driven, digital innovation offers opportunities to dramatically enhance the way we live, work and learn. Enabling greater personalisation, flexibility and access, digital tools will offer new possibilities in supporting learners to navigate their study and career pathways.

Simultaneously, our community faces an immense challenge as digital innovation continues to disrupt and restructure our workforce. Universities are tasked with responding rapidly to evolving skills needs, upskilling and reskilling the workforce as new industries emerge, and others evolve or decline. Is digital disruption a threat or a promise? How do we ensure that technological innovation and its governance is ethically and inclusively designed, so that it used to make society a better place?

Join us as we discuss what digital transformation means for RMIT strategy in a post COVID environment and towards 2025, exploring the complex challenges that we face as a global community and how we can create innovative digital solutions to enable lifelong learning and improve society.

Exploring the bigger picture

Analysis and thought-leadership from around the world, and important questions for us to consider.

Worldwide perspectives and ideas How can technology help us to deliver personalised, high quality experiences to our students, staff and partners? How do create best-in-class online teaching and learning experiences, ensure that they are built inclusively and seamlessly integrated with the campus experience? What do we want RMIT’s research to be known for in digital and emerging technology innovation? How are disciplines evolving with digital and how should we respond to emerging skills needs and gaps in the labour force? How can we provide intelligent and tailored options to our learning communities as they navigate their study and career pathways? How can we build stronger connections and a sense of belonging in digital teams and communities?

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