A new way of operating and conducting work is emerging and evolving current systems of work.

Change is now a constant and the pace of it has only been accelerated by COVID-19. Organisations can no longer lead through scale and efficiency alone; a new way of operating and conducting work is emerging, evolving current systems of work to meet a rapidly changing environment.

Inspiration can be found in a new generation of adaptive organisations, able to rapidly respond to a changing external environment, shift in policy or change in customer preference.

As we move towards a new decade for RMIT, we invite you to share your experiences, perspectives and ambitions on how we can make our University a more adaptive organisation that can better deliver on our purpose and meet the needs of the students and communities we serve.

Exploring the bigger picture

Analysis and thought-leadership from around the world, and important questions for us to consider.

Worldwide perspectives What does it mean for an organisation like RMIT to be adaptive? What capabilities, skills and ways of working must we develop to be more adaptive? How can we work in new ways, in partnership with a broader ecosystem of external partners rather than doing everything ourselves? How can we empower our people and teams, and allow decision making to be made in a network across the organisation?