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RMIT's approach to place and civic impact

Place and Community Framework

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Across our history, RMIT has upheld a commitment to place-based civic impact, using our physical presence to drive inclusive and sustainable economic development. Our place and community framework has evolved to distil the key aspects of our approach to developing and evolving locations into six principles. These principles underpin our Place and Community Framework to serve as a ‘how to’ guide for the University community as we collectively continue RMIT’s place-based approach.

The document also provides an overview of RMIT’s current and emerging location opportunities. At some locations, activities are underway that ably demonstrate RMIT’s commitment to place. In others, there are clear opportunities to expand or further this expression, particularly when planning future developments. This document does not specify exactly how each location must respond. Instead, it provides a rationale and a consistent starting point. In addition, as we explore new sites, our place and community principles will help us to understand how we can focus our activities as we continue our tradition of place-based impact.

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