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    Strategy Activity

Your say on where RMIT could head

The six Directions help focus and frame our ongoing strategy discussions. Use them to identify and shape the priorities, goals and actions that will inform RMIT’s next strategic plan: our distinct focus and identity for the exciting years to come.

Discussion questions: Where could this take us?

  1. How do you see yourself and your work in this Direction?
  2. What will make RMIT distinctive or be our unique focus in this area?
  3. What could be our bold initiatives, priorities for action or investment areas to help fulfill RMIT’s mission and purpose as a university?
  4. What work is already underway that we can build on or could help to develop our next strategic priorities?
  5. What outcomes should we be seeking for our students, staff and the communities we serve?
  6. Is there anything else to consider as we develop the next strategy?


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