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How do you think our location and places can help us to better serve our students, partners and community?

October 5, 2020

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Our spaces and precincts we operate in are great hubs to bring together partners, students and community to collaborate. No other institution has it in their DNA and interest to bring people together … See more

Community Member

14 Oct, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

As technology advances and we can connect more, the depth of our connections with others gets shallower and shallower. I see a future where RMIT is the space for great thinkers and doers to connect, i… See more

Rotem H.

13 Oct, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

Thinking about Melbourne re-opening, RMIT could play a central role in Victoria's economic recovery by leveraging our shared spaces around the CBD for the wider community.

Community Member

13 Oct, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

The challenges we face maintaining the 'safe distance' from each other of 1.5m are going to provide new considerations for design and outdoor spaces for the immediate future.

Will there … See more

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12 Oct, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply
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