Building on 2020's input, let's explore our Directions for the future

Staff and students are at the heart of everything we do at RMIT.

That’s why RMIT’s NEXT university-wide strategy will be shaped by your voices and perspectives.

During 2020, RMIT NEXT was home to a series of exciting conversations with our global community, listening to and gathering reflections on 10 key themes important to our futures, which have helped shape the direction and emerging ideas for RMIT’s next strategy.

One of the most valuable insights we can take out of 2020 is that many of the things we thought weren’t possible, in fact, are.”
Community Member

Now, during our Directions phase (first half of 2021), we’re beginning to grow these conversations together, building on threads emerging from the amazing insights and input so far!

Within these ideas are a range of important and exciting conversations for us all to be a part of – so be sure to join our series of forums and digital conversations, and share your experiences and ambitions!

The Directions phase is your opportunity to think big and guide the development of RMIT’s next strategy.

Together, we can create our stronger, brighter future. #NEXTSTARTSNOW

Here’s how you can add your voice to the RMIT NEXT strategy process:
  • Have your say in ongoing digital Community conversation and workshops
  • Explore the different aspects of emerging areas of discussions, including videos by international thought-leaders made specifically for RMIT (coming soon!)
  • Come along to the NEXT Forums as we explore the exciting possibilities of the Emerging Ideas (Watch this space for our #NEXT forum dates)

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