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Why you will have 18 different jobs in your future career

The Pickle EPISODE 5

The future of work is uncertain, driven by three economic factors which are rapidly changing how our world of work looks like, transforming both what kind of work we do and how we do it:

  1. Automation and Augmentation: Technological changes are shifting the jobs in the market and the way those jobs are performed.
  2. Globalisation: In an increasingly connected, globalised world, jobs are no longer done just in Australia by Australians. They are being done across cities, states, territories and seas.
  3. Flexibility: The idea of a single, linear career pathway from your final education, up the corporate ladder and then to retirement is now outdated. We are now expected to have 18 different jobs across 6 careers in one lifetime.

RMIT Online’s very own Claire Macken interviews Shona McPherson from the Foundation for Young Australians on the future of work and the role of educators in preparing young people for this future.