What is the RMIT University Act?

In 1992, the Government of Victoria established RMIT as a public University through the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Act 1992. 

This act, later refined in 2010 is the legal document which sets out the objectives, powers and functions of our University, and our commitment to Victorians, Australians, international communities and the public interest. 

As we think ahead, how do our legal obligations and duties shape how we can contribute to the changing world of the future?  

Below is an extract of our act which sets out our objectives as a University.  

The objects of the University include:

  • To provide and maintain a teaching and learning environment of excellent quality offering higher education at an international standard;
  • To provide vocational education and training, further education and other forms of education determined by the University to support and complement the provision of higher education by the University;
  • To undertake scholarship, pure and applied research, invention, innovation, education and consultancy of international standing and to apply those matters to the advancement of knowledge and to the benefit of the wellbeing of the Victorian, Australian and international communities;
  • To equip graduates of the University to excel in their chosen careers and to contribute to the life of the community;
  • To serve the Victorian, Australian and international communities and the public interest by
    • enriching cultural and community life;
    • elevating public awareness of educational, scientific and artistic developments;
    • promoting critical and free enquiry, informed intellectual discourse and public debate within the University and in the wider society;
  • To use its expertise and resources to involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia in its teaching, learning, research and advancement of knowledge activities and thereby contribute to
    • Realising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aspirations;  
    • The safeguarding of the ancient and rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage; 
    • To provide programs and services in a way that reflects principles of equity and social justice;  
  • To confer degrees and grant diplomas, certificates, licences and other awards;  
  • To utilise or exploit its expertise and resources, whether commercially or otherwise 

This is an extract of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Act 2010.