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RMIT Supporting People Seeking ​ Asylum and Refugees

Inclusion is a key organisational value and a major commitment in our Ready for Life and Work strategy, central in our aspirations towards a value-led culture.​

The RMIT project Enabling Educational Opportunities for People Seeking Asylum aims to support access to education and career opportunities for students from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds, who would otherwise be ‘locked out’ of access due to the need to pay international student fees. ​ ​

This program supports a number of key objectives within RMIT’s Ready for Life and Work strategic plan and reflects an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion as RMIT values. ​ ​

The program comprises a holistic and sector-leading package of support for access, retention, success and graduate outcomes. ​ ​

This report provides an overview of the program’s key elements, student experience and outcomes from 2018 – 2019.​

People Seeking Asylum and Refugees Report

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How can RMIT build more inclusive and accessible communities both within and outside the University?

August 24, 2020

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RMIT has recently made landmark movements in fulfilling the University Act's object of enabling social justice. We need to build on these gains in the RMI...

Bonny C.

15 Apr, 2021
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