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RMIT NEXT Session: Building a Purpose-led Institution

What does it mean to be a purpose-led institution?

Join an interactive forum and masterclass to help develop RMIT’s approach to achieving our purpose as a mission driven organisation and explore how we work together to achieve our objectives as we develop RMIT’s 2025 strategy.

This 90-minute event will include conversation with Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre and a globally recognised thinker on public innovation, about the changing ways in which public institutions are pursuing purpose-driven impact.

There was a workshop board running during this session, which can be accessed on the right-side bar. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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Exploring a ‘Purpose-led Organisation’

November 10, 2020

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Connect more deeply with our role to strenghten societies. We provide access to transformational education so make sure we do everything possible to enable acce...

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10 Nov, 2020
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