RMIT NEXT: 2020 Wrap-up

Through 2020, RMIT NEXT has invited the RMIT community to help co-create and start shaping our next five-year strategy by sharing their experiences, perspectives and ambitions on ten key themes, from learning and teaching to digital, research and more. 

As we reach the end of the year, we are taking this opportunity to reflect on the discussions we have had through our forums, conversations, workshops and podcasts. We look forward to continuing to work together, focusing on our purpose and exploring the possibilities for 2021 and beyond.  

We have heard from RMIT staff, students and alumni as well as future changemakers, high school students, industry experts and partners from our worldwide network. And, while we have been physically apart, this year has reiterated just how much we can achieve when we work together. 

To illustrate just how much we have accomplished together, we have created a short video, capturing some of the many ideas and insights shared with RMIT NEXT.