RMIT: Be The Change

Sexual harm exists in our community – even if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

About our campaign to reduce sexual harm

Led by our values, the RMIT community shares a common mission to create an environment where we all feel supported, safe, secure and respected.

Guiding us is a three-year plan called Changing the Course at RMIT (PDF 4MB). This very comprehensive program of work has been co-created with students and we will all have a role to play.

Small moments have big impact

The 2019 campaign #bethechangeRMIT is underpinned by five pillars of research:

  1. Bystander action leads to a safer environment
  2. Everyday sexism begets a harmful, unsafe culture
  3. Peer groups are extremely influential
  4. Education contributes to change
  5. Surviors need both formal and informal support

It’s up to all of us to change the harmful culture of everyday sexism that leads to sexual harm. If you would like to support this work, make your commitment to be the change today.


How can RMIT build more inclusive and accessible communities both within and outside the University?

August 24, 2020

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Bonny C.

15 Apr, 2021
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