Reimagining Higher Education

Tiffany Dovey Fishman & Linsey Sledge

The emerging higher education landscape

Today the non-traditional student is the new norm.  We’re witnessing innovation across the education ecosystems, and while it’s still early days, we’re beginning to see the emerging outlines of a new landscape for higher education. 

The emerging higher education landscape is one that is befitting of the digital era and of today’s tech-savvy students. It’s one that uses the cloud, social networks, mobile computing, and big data to create digital learning ecosystems that serve entrepreneurial learners, allowing them to design their own educational path based on the goals they want to achieve. It may or may not involve four years of study. Rather, students set their own pace, progressing not through semesters but as they master various competencies. And similar to electronic health records, the credentials they earn follow them throughout their professional lives, reflecting the total sum of their education, from traditional degrees earned to alternative badges and corporate training completed.

A visit to 2025 …  

Meet Laura, Laura has just completed her formal education and has secured an entry-level position with a large architectural firm 

Let’s compare her journey to a traditional 20th century experience:

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