Humans of RMIT: Mus Alanci

Mus Alanci, Mechanical Engineering student and SNAP (Schools Network Access Program) Champion, RMIT

“I’m 21 and in my fourth year of Mechanical Engineering at RMIT. During my second year, I was invited to become a SNAP champion. Basically, I work with the Schools Network Access Program (SNAP) which aims to enhance access for students from low socio-economic communities to come to university.

I grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne in Deer Park and went to a SNAP school, and because of that I am familiar with the SNAP program, including the I Belong program, where secondary students from years 9-12 can visit RMIT and experience what university life is like.

I still remember how important that was for me, to be able to go, ‘hey this is not such a forgein place’ and to meet university students who made you feel welcome and respected. It gave me a really positive outlook in terms of wanting to pursue a university education.

And now I get to be that university student who can make high school students feel welcome and feel like they can belong here and succeed here.

That is really rewarding because some of these students have never been to a university and some have never had a family member who has gone on to higher education before. So, often it’s their first time experiencing what university life is like and it can be really different to what they actually expect.

Because I have walked in their shoes, I do feel like I can help in a number of ways, not least because I am a physical representation that anyone can succeed at university and it doesn’t matter what school you go to.

We can also help to debunk some of the myths about university and how much it costs, the help that is available, what university study looks like and kind of put their minds at ease because it is a massive change.

With the year 11 and 12 students we also help with some of the ways of applying and some of the support they can get with their applications and things like that.

Being a SNAP champion has been one of the highlights of my time at RMIT. I’m really proud to be part of such an important program that works to ensure that people who have typically been underrepresented at university get the opportunity to learn and experience university life, no matter where they come from.