Humans of RMIT: Alyssa Pullar

Alyssa Pullar, RMIT Alumnus and Industry and Engagement Campaigns Co-ordinator

“I graduated from my Vinyasa yoga training at the end of January this year. It is something I had wanted to do for a really long time.

When the social distancing restrictions came into place and many of us were trying to deal with working from home and everything else that was going on, I really just wanted to share what I had learnt.

I know how fundamental keeping up my yoga practice, self-enquiry and meditation has been for me during this time.

So every Thursday morning at 8am I invite my colleagues to start their day in a positive, empowering way by guiding them through a quick 30-minute Vinyasa flow.

I post the recordings of the sessions on Yammer, so that the flow is accessible to everyone and they are able to practice in their own time.

I’ve had some really positive feedback. One of my teammates contacted me and said she enjoyed the first 30 minutes so much, she had to do a second class straight afterwards. That was really nice to hear.

Holistic wellbeing has always been an integral part of my journey. I couldn’t imagine my life without it and am grateful that others are finding it helpful.

Whenever the restrictions are lifted, I’d love to teach at a studio a couple of mornings a week. But in the meantime, I’m finding this is a really great opportunity to do what I love and, you know, even if it benefits just one person and brightens their day, that’s worth it to me.”