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Future photographers capture the heroic staff of The Royal Children’s Hospital

Caleb Stanlon

RMIT Photography students have collaborated with The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) to celebrate its many heroes, to mark the hospital’s 150-year anniversary.

Launched in partnership with RMIT and BankVic, the exhibition called ‘Hospital Heroes’ features photos of each nominated staff member.

Photography students from the RMIT School of Art brought their own creative approaches to capture the staff members who went above and beyond at the RCH.

RCH Foundation Chief Executive Officer Sue Hunt commended the RMIT students for their work in creating the exhibition.

“We’re particularly honoured to have the support, hard work and creativity of RMIT photography students who have taken the time to get to know each of the heroes and capture their spirit and dedication so beautifully,” Hunt said.

“Over six months, these students have displayed incredible respect and kindness in their dealings with the hospital staff, forming friendships and bonds that will surely outlive the gallery.”

Third-year Bachelor of Arts (Photography) student Hannah Phemister continued in her role after completing the initial project and said it was one of the best things to have happened to her in 2019.

“I have loved being a part of the internship opportunity, and the real-world experience I received has been absolutely priceless,” Phemister said.

“I’m thrilled the internship has led to a paid position with the Foundation.”

Hunt said extending Phemister’s involvement was a testament to her hard work and professionalism.

Bachelor of Arts (Photography) student Jemma Gauci said her favourite part of the collaboration was working with the people she photographed.

“It’s important to know that they make the hospital work and without them the hospital wouldn’t open. It’s amazing for them to get that recognition,” Gauci said.

Bachelor of Arts (Photography) student Patrick Riley photographed Hospital Hero Rodney Sepulvada, who said he was grateful to be chosen as one of the Hospital Heroes.

“It’s a very special place and I feel honoured to work here. I don’t think I do that much, but what I get back is just the best,” Sepulvada said.

The Hospital Heroes Exhibition can be seen on Main Street at The Royal Children’s Hospital, 48 Flemington Road, Melbourne.