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RMIT NEXT Forum: Digital Transformation in a post COVID-19 environment

Digital disruption: a threat or a promise?

This forum will draws on the insights and expertise of RMIT Academic and Professional staff, as well as external speakers to provide a broad perspective on the question, ‘What does digital transformation mean for RMIT in a post COVID environment and towards 2025?’

In this 90-minute session, hosted by Professor Aleks Subic, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Science, Engineering and Health and Vice President Digital Innovation at RMIT, together with external digital leaders, we will discuss what digital transformation means for RMIT strategy in a post COVID environment and towards 2025.

During the event, we explore the complex challenges that we face as a global community and how we can create innovative digital solutions to enable lifelong learning and improve society.

Panellists include:

  • Iain Rouse: Director & Country Leader at Amazon Web Services
  • Helen Souness: Chief Executive Officer for RMIT Online
  • Keith Ritchie: Head of Communication & Government Affairs at Siemens
  • Claire Mason: Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO’s Data61
  • Jed Horner: Strategy Advocacy Manager at Standards Australia