Campus of the Future

published by Arup

Digital learning, automation and the expectations of an increasingly diverse student body are affecting how, what and where we learn. At the same time, the growing demand for life-long learning and a renewed interest in face-to-face experiences, are giving higher education environments a new relevance.

In the face of shifting financial resources, the campus of the future will need to navigate constantly changing international and local contexts, whilst reducing environmental impact and fulfilling commercial responsibilities.

This report examines the key trends affecting the design, operation and experience of higher education campuses, highlighting global best practices from the education sector and beyond. It aims to help higher education designers, developers and facilities managers better understand the forces shaping these evolving spaces.


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As we continue to adapt during COVID-19, what insights and innovations should we take into our future?

May 1, 2020

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This year has been challenging but I think what's come out of it for RMIT is more of a shared understanding of our collective priorities and what we should...

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12 Oct, 2020
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