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Breaking class barriers through education

TedTalk, Richard Curran

Imagine your life if you hadn’t gone to University. Imagine if you hadn’t met all the people you met at University, the experiences you had there, the travel you had both during and after and all the things you’ve learned and the job that you may now have that your University experience may have opened up to you. Imagine if you hadn’t experienced all of those things.

University changes us. It can transform our lives. And the experiences that we gain through our University education can never be taken away and can never be lost. Not only this but through transforming your life, the life of your children or potential children is transformed too.

Not everybody can go to University, there are limited places. Furthermore, not everybody has an equal chance at those limited places. University is not the exclusive preserve of the financial elite. But it is the disproportionate preserve of the financially better off.

Richard Curran explores the barriers to education and inequality which still exists today and the importance of diversity and equity in our Universities.