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How can RMIT help all learners to thrive in any circumstance?

May 1, 2020

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Have both patience and creativity in order to discover what they are good at, and using that as a basis for cultivation and growth

James M.

3 Feb, 2021 Report Report Reply Reply

Technology has a major role to play in this sector, so much indeed is possible with the applications of Office365, some of this transition has occurred pre-pandemic though a great deal of us (staff an… See more

William S.

19 Aug, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

“How Covid-19 is changing the way we educate” ( is a great article to read. Of the 4 ways that the authors sugg… See more

Nina N.

12 Jun, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

Mary a high achieving high-school student wants to come to RMIT in 2025. She isn’t sure long term what she wants to do she is currently thinking it will be something like electrical engineering or f… See more

Sheryl M.

29 May, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

We need to meet learners where they are, find out what they need and give it to them. The higher education certificate is a step towards recognising this. What if rather than focusing on us developing… See more

Sheryl M.

29 May, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

First of all, the key term is student-centred learning. I think any educator needs to take account all types of learners – kinesthetic, auditive and visual learners, as today most of the traditional… See more

Marlen K.

27 May, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

Our ability to learn is so closely linked to our emotional state and this aspect of the student experience is not sufficiently emphasised. Student facing staff (Lecturers and above like myself) are us… See more

Samantha G.

9 May, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

Deepening our skills in assessment will be a critical factor in how well we can facilitate access to and leverage the multi-sector opportunities we have available for our learners. Assessment not only… See more

Elena D.

9 Mar, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

By understanding our learners and what they need to thrive, as well as ensuring that pathways are truly connected – whether that be to extra support systems, opportunities to gain meaningful employmen… See more

Maddie B.

18 Feb, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply



A great point Maddie! I think our current situation (COVID-19) has really highlighted the strengths – and some of the current gaps – of an educational community that is truly connected.

Over th… See more

Reegan N.

21 Apr, 2020 Report Report