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What are the global opportunities for RMIT over the next 5 years?​

August 3, 2020

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As competition for INTON intensifies and possible geopolitical developments disrupt international student and research mobility, existing and developing offshore higher education provision may become … See more

Chamath P.

21 Aug, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply



It is a great point Chamath, and one that has been emerging through our engagement activities. While planning our strategy for the next five years, we must consider our place and purpose in the socie… See more

Layton P.

1 Sep, 2020 Report Report

Edited:Greater optimisation of our dual sector advantage in the L&T space – in all directions – VE to HE, HE to VE and concurrent studies – this should be considered as part of any new program design or … See more

Marielle v.

14 Aug, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

(i) Clearly that the pandemic made a faster shift to a more digitally-based higher education, or accelerated the trends; (ii) In five years, the value of "Place" for education will change; (… See more

Loan D.

4 Aug, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

There are so many opportunities really, these are a few that first sprang to mind:

Firstly, RMIT Vietnam has been such a great success, and gives us an advantage that we can't ignore. Whether … See more

Nick S.

4 Aug, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply



Establishing early connections in Vietnam and elsewhere is an important opportunity. In Hanoi our Information and Experience days often have young people from year 9 and 10 attending alongside year 11… See more

Michal T.

20 Aug, 2020 Report Report
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