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RMIT's Community insights:

1. A Mission Led University: serving our community in a fast-changing landscape

Direction 1 recap:
 RMIT’s commitment to helping people adapt and thrive amidst
technological transformations, while shaping a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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How we got here

During the latest Directions consultation phase from July to September, you shared your valuable input on six Directions through online and leader-led discussions, workshops, forums and written submissions. 

We heard from our community in RMIT  Melbourne, Europe, Vietnam and all across the globe, including students, staff, academics, researchers, alumni and industry partners on the ambitions, priorities and values that RMIT should pursue as we journey towards 2022 and beyond.

Community Insights: Direction 1

The RMIT NEXT conversation has been led and shaped together through our global network and has explored opportunities that emerged from this incredibly challenging period for the future.

Here are the key insights from your community input:

Drive community and economic recovery

Support our communities to thrive in a post-pandemic world, emphasise access and inclusion through RMIT’s multi-sector offerings, research and specialist expertise, work with industry and government to create new skills, jobs and solutions.

Advance access and equality: empowering all individuals to thrive

RMIT should be a university of choice recognised for building inclusive platforms and cultures that address deep-rooted systemic challenges and progress Reconciliation, Australian First Nations Sovereignty and self-determination, and Gender Equality through learning, public policy, and workplace innovation.

Community Insights: Direction 1
Edited by Brittany Mitchell (Dip. RMIT Digital Communication and Media)

Local impact on a global scale

Grow RMIT’s distinct ecosystem of embedded locations, partnerships and commitments to local communities to shape innovative and creative centres around ​the world.

Prioritise sustainable development
for a better future

Develop solutions that address climate change and advance the development of sustainable communities and cities.

Create shared vision, trust and wellbeing

Embrace and model a culture of wellbeing, empathy, authenticity and honesty to shape a shared vision of excellence and impact.

Key points from your input

Community insights: A mission-led university

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Community Input for this Direction

SDG Working Group: Positioning and Priorities for Development

June 7, 2021

Recent Comments

Articulate a leadership space and partnership in each of social justice, decarbonisation, and equity in governance

Ralph H.

10 Jun, 2021

SDG Working Group: Recommendation Development

June 7, 2021

Recent Comments

Ensure that we have an SDG activity in all major bids and centers.

Sujeeva S.

10 Jun, 2021

Exploring a ‘Purpose-led Organisation’

November 10, 2020

Recent Comments

Connect more deeply with our role to strenghten societies. We provide access to transformational education so make sure we do everything possible to enable acce...

Community Member

10 Nov, 2020

Mission-driven Organisation

November 5, 2020

Recent Comments

Understanding our unique value propositions and what potential partners expect from us, and being able to ‘lean in’ from all across RMIT in an adaptive mann...

Robbie A.

5 Nov, 2020

As the world around us changes, how does our role as a university also need to evolve?

May 1, 2020

Recent Comments

RMIT's origins as a working men's college was designed to create opportunity for a growing city. Our ability to create partnerships that support and e...

Maddie B.

4 Jun, 2020

Community Conversation

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